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We are an outsourcing studio creating 2D/3D graphics for console, SNS, and pachinko/pachislot.

Tenben has years of experience in its’ field, not only for the Asia market but Europe, North/South America and Canada as well.


Specialize in creating high quality 2D/3D graphics on most popular console platforms.
(PS4, Xbox360, PS3, PSVita, Wii, NDS, PC etc…)

Social network/Mobile

Providing graphics for social networking/android/iphone platforms as well.


We are also capable at creating graphics for pachinko and pachislot.

Work Flow

NDA > game data > art style> free sample > game production > client feedback > revisions > submit

<Sample Trials!!!>

We offer a free sample trial for any type of graphic needs (concepts, modeling, animation).
If the client is satisfied with our work and would like to use it for their games, we will then ask to be compensated for it.



Game related goods import & export

We also make game related goods, such as dolls - import / export.